WBW - 70s Style

Couldn't find anything of me dressed up for a costume party, but found some pictures of me from the 70's in some fugly clothes. I guess they're not that bad for a little kid, but they scream 70's to me when I see them. I wouldn't put my kid in stuff like this. Here's me and my grandmother who we lost a few years ago. And my mom's dog Taffy. Look at those pants! Look at the color of that shirt! Look at those stupid red shoes I'm wearing! UGH.

And here's me and my mom. Because of my curls my mom would never let my hair grow long so in these kind of stupid pants people thought I was a boy. In fairness, most of the pics I found of me were in very sweet dresses.

Nearest I can tell I'm about 2 in these pictures, which puts them at 1976 or 7.

So come tell me if you played!


Kami said...

Okay. Those are some fabulous pants in the second picture. ;)

I played.

Spikey1 said...

You look like your mom!

I played.

Jana said...

Love the pants! And what were our mothers thinking dressing us like that??

I played!

Aoife said...

What were our mothers thinking?!?!

I played!

Anonymous said...

The red shoes were slippers and I am not sure that your hair had been cut yet. You didn't have a lot of hair for a long time. About the clothes, you are right they are horrible. I don't know what I was thinking. I wouldn't do it today. You were still adoreable Mom

The Kept Woman said...

I'm gonna have to go with you on the patterned pants...they holler 70s to me too.

Our kids had better thank us when they get older for not making them looks stupid when we dressed them.

The Kept Woman said...

OK, I just read your mom's comment.

I think it's totally cool that your mom not only reads your blog but comments too!!!

Mama C said...

I heart those pants! Love the Wizard of Oz shoes too. I played too - my first time.

Hope said...

Oh..those pants!! Those are GREAT!

I played!

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