SPF - Junk In My Trunk

Hopefully any "junk in my trunk" is rapidly disappearing with all the exercise I've been getting. My diet is going well this week and I've lost 2 lbs in the past few days. I ran a little and went to yoga last night. Yoga is hard after you've been running! But it still feels great.

Kristine's assignment this week for SPF is 1. your garbage can 2. your junk drawer 3. your trunk. I pointed out to her that I thought we already did this one, but we really just did the trunk. But I swear I've seen Kami's expensive trash can before a long time ago.

My trash can used to be out in the kitchen with a flip-top lid. Nathan couldn't keep his hands off it, no matter how many times I scolded and punished him. We lost lots of little toys to the trash can. Now I keep it in my otherwise useless corner cabinet. Most people have lazy susans in that spot, but my builder neglected that.

Not much to report here. Junk, plain and simple.

And strollers, of course. Big and little.

Blogger has been a bitch this morning, so this is much later than I intended to post. UGH!


Kami said...

Yes, blogger is a ho.

Again, I do not miss hauling a stroller. Not one bit!

Island Girl said...

I am with Kami. I do NOT miss having a stroller. I reapeat I do NOT miss it. ;)
Have a great day.
Happy SPF.

Southern Fried Girl said...

Why is blogger being such a muthah today?

Happy SPF!

Medic Girl said...

Thank you for reassuring me that Blogger has "issues". I was to the point of tears by the 4th time I had to do it over!
I sure was happy to toss my stroller. Great SPF!

Jen said...

I had my blogger issues last week. This week was ok for me...thank goodness. Glad it finally let you post your pics!

Happy SPF!

I played too!

TBG said...

Blogger is a bitch!

What is up with the no lazy susan...damn builders.

I played.

We will have to get together to discuss the 3day again I am thinking about doing it again this year if you are looking for someone to do it with!

Stacy said...

I wish I had a cabinet big enough to "hide" my trash can in. Good idea to use the corner one. Mine sits out at the end of the cabinets, all dirty and stinky :)

Great pics, Happy SPF!

Mike said...

Didn't you guys already do this SPF?

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