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Do you ever find yourself going along through the day when something funny or weird happens and you think to yourself "THAT is blogworthy! I gotta post about that later." and then later comes and you can't think of a single thing to write? That's me. So I will just mention a few interesting recent events.

Our best friends from Reading came over for dinner last night and Nathan proceeded to scream his head off for 20 minutes while we tried to eat until Mike and I relented and took him out of this highchair and let him eat in my lap. This is a BIG problem. It's very hard to cut steak with a kid on your lap. Mike's excuse was that Nathan is sick and we had company. We had to make the screaming stop somehow. Once he got his way he turned into the biggest cutie-pie ever. Our friends don't have any kids and probably think we are nuts. Later we played the DVD board game Scene It! which is movie trivia. My sister gave it to us for Christmas and I've been dying to try it. See #43 and #67 of my 100 Things list and you'll know who won.

My mom bought a beach house last week. Her husband's parents own one in this ginormous condo development called Sea Colony in Bethany Beach, DE. My mom and her husband go there quite often and had been occasionally looking at real estate, but not too seriously. So last weekend they found one for a good price and she bought it. Which means lotsa free vacations for me YIPPEE!! I love the beach. I also love all the pools they have to use.

Now I'm off to the fabulous Target store to buy myself a vacuum, a swimsuit, and some sexy undies. I heart Target.

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TBG said...

Lucky you your mom has a beach house. Woo hoo! My mom is always looking for one. Hopefully someday she will buy.

Have fun at target/

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