Back from Big D

I haven't posted in awhile because Thursday I dropped the kiddo off at his Nana's house and headed to Dallas for the weekend. The trip was business that turned into pleasure with a night at my Aunt's house. It was not TOO exciting, but nice having yummy dinners with industry friends and staying up late chatting over cocktails. It was nice waking up all by myself in a nice clean hotel room. My Aunt is super nice and the best hostess ever. I just used the word nice four times in three sentences. Call the writing police.

Nathan got to spend time with both sets of grandparents, bond with his Dad, and meet his brand new baby cousin, Haley. Mike said he wasn't too impressed by her, but it seems she sleeps ALL the time. I'm jealous.

It's too bad Seattle lost the superbowl. I was pulling for my former ballroom dancing partner, Bobby Engram. He had a couple of good catches. I only watched the end so I wouldn't miss a minute of Grey's Anatomy, which was very exciting, btw. The gratuitious lesbian shower scene in the beginning was a shameless ploy to suck in those guys partying with the TV still on after their Superbowl beerfest, and it totally freaked me out. Way to ruin five minutes of a perfectly good show.


TBG said...

sounds like you had a really nice time away!

And look at how sweet and little that baby is!

I love Grey's anatomy!

WILLIAM said...

Wait a minute....There was a lesbian scene in the beginng of Greys' Anatomy....Who Where What? I did not see that.

Spikey1 said...

Did someone say lesbian shower scene.??? Oh come on.. I'm kidding.. I'm not one of THOSE guys! ;) Welcome back btw.

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