Weekly Yoga Update

Not that you care, but since yoga is one of the more interesting parts of my week, I will share.

I considered not going to yoga last night due to a sudden onset of the sniffles, but two Sudafed, two Advil, and a spray of Zicam and I was feeling much better. Thank goodness, because hottie Mark was teaching. Class was significantly smaller and more intimate this week, and I sat right in the middle where Mark couldn't miss me. It was SOOO much less strenuous than yoga-nazi Jen's class, but still very good. He's big on standing balances and ab strengthening. We worked on handstands, which is always fun. A girl I got to know a little from the holiday session was there, and we talked quite a bit. Plus I overheard a few other people saying how glad they were Mark was back, and how they didn't want to take level 1 with Jen again to repeat 6 straight weeks of Chaturanga. Finally, some likeminded people!

Also I struck up a conversation with a very bendy girl from my MOPS group who had forgotten than I had coffee with her at my neighbor's house many months ago. How could she totally forget me like that?! Anyway I reminded her and she said "I KNEW you looked familiar!" She asked me how I liked MOPS and I said it was great but my small group isn't the best. She asked who my leader was and when I replied she said "I was going to guess that." She asked if I would like to join her group for an outing to a super authentic Mexican resturant in a few weeks. I cheerfully agreed, and she promised to keep me in the loop on future fun activities. Yay!

Oh yeah, at the end of class Mark asked if anyone had been practicing at home. I raised my hand. He asked what I had been working on, to which I replied "Crow pose". He asked how my Crow was. I said "Terrible" and the class laughed. After class he walked right up to me and asked in a very serious manner "How are you doing?" He seemed concerned about me for some completely unknown reason. It caught me offguard and I gave him a very chipper "Good!" and he said "Really?" and I said "Yeah!" to which he said "Great." It was odd. I have no idea why he singled me out. I certainly don't think I looked upset or depressed or struggling or anything. I smiled lots, and made lots of eye contact through the class. Strange. Could he have noticed I removed my wedding rings since the last class (so they wouldn't restrict my hands under feet stretches)? NAH...men aren't THAT observant.


ieatcrayonz said...

Maybe he's just the sympathic male type. I felt kind of dirty reading this, and then I remembered your husband reads it.

Mainline Mom said...

Trust me, I tell my hubs everything. He just says "am I gonna hafta kick his ass?" and I laugh.

Side note, there was not touching this week. I must be doing it too well.

Spikey1 said...

Nope we are not.

Mike said...

Did he ask "How are you doing?" or was it "How yuuuu doooooin?"

How tough can he be? He does Yoga.

Lori said...

Oh Lord. Tell me I'm not going to walk in on the two of you canoodling by the vending machines...

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