My ER Rant

I know my New Year's resolution was to be positive and offer hope and all that, but I have a bad headache and I'm fresh outta joy. So instead I will rant about an episode of ER I saw Thursday night, one of my favorite shows. All you pro-choicers can just quit reading now.

Star of the show Dr. Abby is suddenly found to be pregnant with her new "F"-buddy, Dr. Luca. Since they aren't in a serious relationship, they discuss whether or not she should keep the baby. Luca being Catholic, says he wants her to keep it, but says it must be her choice. Nice...like he has no say in the matter, even though it's HIS kid too. Ugh.

Then some 15 year old girl comes into the ER and is found to be pregnant. Dr. Indian girl, whose name I never remember, tells her quite plainly she doesn't have to have the baby. The girl is clearly religious and says, "No, that would be wrong." Her parents are brought in and told, and handle it pretty well, comfortingly telling the daughter they will help her. Girl reveals to Doc that she was raped and says she wishes the whole thing would just go away. Doc takes that to mean she really wants the abortion. The Doc tells the parents about the rape and again tells the dad she is only 15 and could terminate. Dad says "No, that is against God. The child should not be punished for how it was conceived." Doc pulls Mom aside outside the room and again pressures her that the girl is too young for this pregnancy and should terminate it.

At this point if I were the mom, violence would ensue. I would probably yell at the doctor, possibly hit her, and would certainly ask to speak to someone higher up. I would certainly drag my kid out of that hospital as fast as possible.

Senior Doc says to little Indian Doc, "quit harassing the parents, move on." Indian Doc says "I want to talk to another doc, because you are Catholic." Senior Dr. Luca yells at her and then goes in to talk to patient. Offers her a technique that might lead to miscarriage. Girl asks if it's a sin. Doc says "It's our way of giving God a chance to change His mind." AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

God doesn't MAKE MISTAKES. Girl has procedure (supposedly not technically an abortion) without parents knowledge, and is encouraged to lie to her parents and tell them she is simply miscarrying. Watching this enfuriated and scared me. That some adults could conspire against two parents to help their CHILD murder her own baby. That 15 year old CHILD doesn't even have the capability to fully understand her actions. She is only given a few minutes to decide to end her baby's life.

THIS is why we need parental rights in this country. If that ever happened to my daughter, there would be hell to pay.


Neel Mehta said...

My comment isn't really on point, but I feel I have to make it.

I know my New Year's resolution was to be positive and offer hope and all that

It may seem like a weird thing, but one way to do this is to stop watching ER. I'm serious. That show is a sinking ship that exists solely to tick viewers off. I speak from experience.

Fall 2002: vowed to stop watching if nothing interesting happened in a heavily-hyped episode. Unfortunately for me, it was the one where Romano lost his arm. Told myself to stick with it one more season.

Spring 2003: ready to quit at the deadline when it was reported that Parminder Nagra was joining the cast. Dang. Gotta give props to the motherland. Told myself to give it one more season.

Winter 2004: Bought Bend It Like Beckham on DVD and quit watching mid-season.

And it was completely refreshing. Life was good. Beverages tasted better, nature was more colorful, and I slept soundly Thursday nights. Try it -- you won't look back.

Anonymous said...

I'm pro-choice (to a limited extent) and definitely not a part of the evangelical right, so I'd probably disagree with you on most matters of politics and theology, but I didn't stop reading -- and I agree with you. This went beyond "pro-choice." Neela was acting as if the girl had NO choice, that her only option was to terminate.

And the funny thing was that, in this case, the girl obviously had a supportive family who would help her raise the baby.

But the worst thing about ER now is that they're simply incapable of showing a functional family. In their reality, such a thing is impossible. All pregnancies are unplanned. (Seriously -- think back through the show's history.) Most of the people who die in the show are either under 25 or parents of kids who are no more than 14.

Dennis said...

E.R. still comes on? I stopped watching long ago. This episode shows there are a number of people on the pro-choice side who do not truly care about "choice." They are pro-agenda and are, like the Indian dr., forcing their beliefs on others.

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