And Now For the Cuteness

The child is sleeping and I should be working, but as usual I'm blogging instead! First of all, I direct thee to the flickr box on the right side of my blog. If you click on it, it will lead you to a plethora of new adorable Christmasy pictures of the wee one. And now, to prove that the wee one isn't so wee anymore. He is a stumbling giant that can pull even the most unsuspecting object off every counter and table in this house. Just look at the glee on his face. The dog is a bit shaken up by this new vertical development.


Spikey1 said...

Wow, you used one of my favourite words... plethora!! It is up there with carnacopia!!

Way to go wee one!

Mainline Mom said...

Uhh...do you mean cornucopia? And I have to giggle that you spell "favourite" the Canadian/British way.

Spikey1 said...

Well that is the Spikey way! :P

Amy said...

Well whaddya know, Nathan is UPRIGHT and ON THE MOVE.

I hate to tell you this, but you shall be running your arse off this Christmas.

John said...


I love little kids. :D

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