Yoga for Happy People

First question: Is it wrong to watch the Biggest Loser Finale while noshing on a pint of Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked ice cream? I think William already asked something like this before.

But I'm rewarding myself for going out in the gusty winds and rain tonight to my first yoga class of a new session of classes. And boy was I rewarded...with a hottie guy instructor! He's a little too peppy and smiley, but it's a big change from the yoga nazi girl I had before. He is CONSTANTLY telling us to smile and have fun with it. There were actually three guys in my class, and one VERY pregnant girl, and a bunch of other chicks. A few had been in his level 2 yoga class before, and a few girls had done yoga at other places and didn't know a lot of what he was talking about.

I actually felt kinda smart giving the girls next to me a few pointers! My Chataranga still needs a lot of work but at least I totally knew how to do all the right transitions for the sun salutations. The downside was that he didn't give me a single adjustment ALL NIGHT! That means no hottie touching me. I couldn't figure out if that meant I was doing everything perfectly (which I SINCERELY doubt) or if he was avoiding me because I was way down on the end of the row. He came over and looked at me lots of times and basically said I was doing fine and walked back. I swear he adjusted everybody else at some point.

At the very end we did Corpse pose, (which I've never actually done before) and he went around the room and did some kind of adjustment to everyone's legs and some arms...EXCEPT ME! Maybe it was because I opened my eyes when he stood over me so I wouldn't be freaked out when he touched me. Maybe I was just doing it right, playing dead and all. I dunno...next week I'm gonna hafta sit closer to the middle and do some things wrong to get some "special help".

I'm still the only person in my class that can't do Crow. Even the stupid girl who hadn't practiced in a long time stayed up for a few minutes. The VERY pregnant girl popped right up into crow and then right down to Tripod and into a Headstand. FREAK. It was a fabulous class anyway, a great workout and relaxing at the same time.


Alisa said...

I was eating potato chips during the biggest loser. I'm not sure if I wanted Matt to win. But, good for him!!!

I love the corpse pose. (That's the only one I do right). I'll come home and do it after a bad day's work. Very relaxing.

Spikey1 said...

Did the instructor look like me? ;)

Mainline Mom said...

No, spikey...you are much cuter...and older :)

Spikey1 said...

Well I believe only 1 part of that remark!

WILLIAM said...

Matt won. That sucked. He looked good though.

I keep thinking about doing the Yoga thing.

Mainline Mom said...

Do it William!! Chicks dig guys that do yoga. Seriously. It makes you super strong and flexible. Good for the nookie. It clears your head and breathing, makes you sweat and feels like a workout but is relaxing too. Yoga instructors and classes vary a LOT so I guess it takes some investigating to find your niche. My first instructor was VERY into the whole Eastern spiritual aspects of it, but my new instructor reminds me of a skater dude.

I admit I didn't actually see the very end where Matt won. Crybaby. He looked fabulous though. They all did, it's so inspiring!

Suzanne said...

I love yoga! i recommend it to anyone and everyone. Honestly it has changed my life - I am not stressed out anymore, I sleep well, I don;t have the usual aches and pains (unless stiff from the moves) I say it cant hurt to try it but be warned that you will be hooked!
Namaste :)

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