We're Number 5!

I just happened to glance over at ESPN.com to see if Penn State was playing this Saturday and I suddenly realized that this is their off week and they only have one game left to play against Michigan State, not too much of a threat. Then I glanced up at the BCS rankings this week to see where we ended up after crushing Wisconsin to pretty much seal our fate as Big Ten champs. I was shocked and thrilled to see Penn State ranked FIFTH! Only USC, Texas, and Alabama remain unbeaten at the top. Alabama, Miami, and USC all have to play ranked teams in the next couple weeks before they can call it a season. What if Auburn pulls it out against the Crimson Tide? What if UCLA dusts themselves off after this weeks embarressing defeat and kicks some USC butt? The Nittany Lions are not ruling out a trip to Pasadena yet.

Here's a great story about Joe Paterno and Penn State's comeback.


Mike said...

Here's what we need to happen:

1. The winner of the Alabama/LSU game has to lose to Georgia in the SEC Championship game.
2. Alternative to #1, we need Alabama to beat LSU and then lose to Auburn.
3. We need Miami to lose to Florida State in the ACC Championship game. FSU beat Miami earlier in the year.
4. We need USC or Texas to lose a game. USC plays two ranked teams both at home. Texas has an easy schedule from here. Their toughest test will be Colorado in the Big 12 Championship game.

I had lunch with two Longhorns today. I didn't tell them I secretly wished their team would lose.

blogawakening said...


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