SPF - Thanksgiving Recap

I realize Black Friday is almost over now, but since Stuff Portrait Friday was all about Thanksgiving anyway, I'll join in. I just downloaded my shots off my camera and got an email full of pics my uncle took yesterday (thanks Uncle Todd!). Thanksgiving was at my mom's house this year, and she invited both her side of the family and her husband's side. It was a crowd of 26 people, half of whom didn't know the other half. But that's ok. She had one massive turkey and the rest of us brought lotsa sides. I quadrupled a recipe for a pineapple casserole and tripled a recipe for green been casserole. It was actually a lot of fun doing all that cooking! The people that made Thanksgiving for me were my cousin Dan and his new bride Katie, who came all the way from South Carolina. They're the ones whose wedding we attended last month in Nashville.

The funniest thing that happened yesterday was that the two children in attendence, Nathan and my step-brother's kid John, showed up wearing exactly the same outfit. Pure coincidence, the outfits were bought seperately by me and my step-sister-in-law. We never see each other, we didn't plan it, it just happened. John is 2 and a 1/2 but he's a peanut and Nathan is almost as tall and just as heavy as John.

I won't bother showing the feast or it's aftermath because I think we've all seen enough food to last us till at least Christmas! I didn't even have room for a piece of one of the six pies my aunt made from scratch.

After dinner wound down and my mom's husband's side of the family left, my side of the family took a group photo. We always do! Nathan had missed his afternoon nap and this was taken around 8 at night, so it was pretty hard to get him to stay still. He's chewing on a fully wrapped Andes candy. And he weighs almost 30 pounds which is why I look so awkward holding him!

And finally, this morning we braved the freezing cold and high winds to hit the sales at Target! Mike and I bought almost all our Christmas gifts for each other and a bunch of lights for the front of the house. Tomorrow is decorating day! We had to bundle Nathan up in his big puffy coat. He doesn't realize he can actually move in that coat. I felt bad because I still haven't found matching mittens and his little hands must've been freezing!!

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