First Haircut

One of the few things Nathan inherited from me is curly hair. We loved the little ringlets, which made him look like a little cherub. But lately the curls have turned into wild unmanagable waves. Here's a couple of examples:

Mike wanted to take Nathan to his local barber shop, but when we got there we found they were closed on Sundays. So the next closest place was the Hair Cuttery, cheapo family chain salon. Fortunately there was a very nice girl there to took us right away and sat Nate on my lap and snipped away like a pro. He was very good and curious, looking around quietly at everything. Another slightly older toddler was throwing a screaming tantrum, so that held Nathan's interest for awhile.

We kept some curls and got a little certificate. She cut it very short, just as I wanted. He looks so different to me, older and chubbier too. Here's the finished product:

See what I mean?


Spikey1 said...

Not bad indeed! Did you keep a piece of hair like I did?

WILLIAM said...

Isn't amazing that a haircut can make him look so much older?

Amy said...

You got a lot more guts than me. My middle kid had the curls and I couldn't cut them till he was 2 and looked like a little hippie. I cried.
Nathan looks utterly handsome!

MMC said...

Oh, he looks adorable! I will never forget how OLD my oldest looked after his first cut. Gone was the baby soft hair also, and he's had boy 'wire' hair ever since.

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