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I rent a LOT of movies, especially when Mike is out of town as much as he has been. I trade in $20 of my Discover card cashback for a book of 10 free Blockbuster rentals, which comes out to $2 a rental, a great deal I think. So here is my take on a few that I've seen lately.

The Longest Yard: Pretty funny, but not nearly as funny as The Waterboy which it has much in common with. I guess that's what happens when Adam Sandler tries to do a remake. Neither Chris Rock nor Adam Sandler have standout performances. Surprisingly I did enjoy all the football, which there was a lot of. The best part was when they secretly switched out an opposing team member's anabolic steroids for estrogen. Some of the lines he had after that were great. I'll give this a 5 out of 10. Average movie.

Sahara: This was better than I expected, mostly because of all the action. Sometimes I'm in the mood for action. The plot was pretty interesting too, with a little history, a little espionage, a little eco-terrorism. And a little Penelope Cruz who kinda sucked. But Matthew McCounaghey made up for it with his cuteness (although he acting sucked). I recommend it for a fun and mindless flick.

More to come soon.

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TBG said...

I watched the longest yard last weekend. it was very similar to waterboy but still funny!

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