Busy Weekend

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Friday night we drove the three hours up to Mike's parents house so that I could go to my future sister-in-law's surprise baby shower. She was definately surprised! Most everybody there was from her side of the family, so I only knew a few people. The food was good, there were tons of favors and games and presents, and I made a ribbon hat for Nicole.

Mike left Nathan with me and went to his uncle's house to watch the big game. Penn State beat Michigan State to win the Big 10 Championship! It was very exciting. Then Mike called me to ask if he and Ron could go to State College for a welcome back rally for the team. I reluctantly said yes, because it was a late night and a lot of driving for them. But they had a great time. The rally was at the old basketball arena/gym and the cheerleaders and Blue Band helped the crowd celebrate a great season. Then the team arrived off the plane from East Lansing and the captains gave little speeches. They carried the Big 10 trophy in and the crowd went wild. Finally JoePa gave a little speech and then said "this old man is going to bed." Mike got home around 1:30 in the morning. I'm sure it was a fun time.


Neel Mehta said...

While I'm not encouraging you to become a sports parent, I must admit that Nathan strikes quite the hockey goalie pose. He's a natural. I'll let you decide whether that makes him Flyer or Penguin material.

Mainline Mom said...

He would have to be a Flyer. You are totally right, that never occured to me. Oh, and we will TOTALLY be sports parents, if our kid has any athletic abilities whatsoever. I'm all about a football scholarship.

My overuse of the word totally is due to my having consumed a couple of strong drinks at my celebratory birthday dinner tonight.

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