Bloggers Block

I have bloggers block. Just not sure what to blog about. Which is funny because I definately don't have writers block, since I just finished my third full-length abstract of a technical paper for presentation at our annual wastewater conference. I do have process design block, which is a problem considering I have at least six wastewater process designs in need of immediate attention.

I could blog about my appointment with my new OB/GYN today, but my sister would kill me. You don't want to hear about that anyway. That's the last time I take Nathan along to my annual exam.

I will say that the kid is growing up so fast it blows my mind. He talks incessantly (most of it doesn't make sense to me, but it clearly does to him). He is right on the verge of walking, but isn't there yet. He loves to wrestle and cuddle with me, and gives hugs freely. He finally "gets" TV shows, and will sit and watch Barney or something similar for awhile. Today when hubs and I picked him up at the gym nursery he was sitting in a little chair at a table coloring with two ladies. Really they were coloring pictures for him, but he seemed fascinated. He looked SO grown up sitting in that chair. He waved to us, but went right back to watching her color. Later at dinner we played a little game of "mom and dad imitate Nathan's every move" and he busted a gut laughing.


Spikey1 said...

I can't believe I am going to say this but I miss those days as the boy hardly want's to play with me anymore.. damn playdates, toys, leapster, Dora, Bob, .....

WILLIAM said...

My kid now plays let's imitate every move Daddy makes. And I bust a gut.

ieatcrayonz said...

Can you write my powder coat paint line justification I've been dreading the past, oh, six months? Engineers shouldn't have to write! I know, shuddup.

You took Nate to the coochie doctor? Wow, and I thought I was brave taking Lauren to the movies.

He gets TV? Damn, my girl is ages behind him. It's like it doesn't even exist! C'mon girl, rot yer brains already!

Mainline Mom said...

Actually, since I used to work in powder coatings...YES! I like to write :)

Yeah, you can imagine I'm sure. Trying to make sure he doesn't dump his cheerios all over the exam room floor while I'm half-nekkid in one of those stupid gowns.

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