The Black Hole

I swear to you, my house is a black hole for small balls that belong with baby toys. Once upon a time in this house, there were two toys that Nathan really liked, that used small colorful balls, each about 2 inches diameter. Here's one of them, the Busy Ball Bopper. The other is this thing he stands at and drops the balls in and they wind down and come out the opposite side. The ball bopper came with five colored balls, blue, red, yellow, purple, and green. The other thing came with four very similar balls in orange, blue, red, and green. The balls keep disappearing. Sometimes I find them, but today I only count the green and the mangled up red balls. Just yesterday I KNOW we had another red, an orange, and a purple, but I have searched high and low and I only see two. I have checked behind and under every couch. I have checked inside every other toy. I have checked on chairs and under pillows. I have checked behind the toilet, behind my desk, and behind the TV. I have looked in EVERY POSSIBLE hiding place. They vanished into thin air. There is only one possibility I can conceive of and that is that Nathan put them in the kitchen trash when I wasn't looking and I threw them all out. I have been fighting with Nathan over touching the kitchen trash can for weeks. It is exactly his height and has an irresistable swinging lid. I have pulled several cars and other toys out, but I always saw him put them in. I just can't imagine that I threw out all seven other balls, including three yesterday. Today was trash day so this theory is unprovable. Nathan LOVES those balls and carries them all over the first floor of the house, so I suppose I will have to look on ebay for replacements.

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