Because I have a ton of work to do

This is what happens. I get a million tasks dumped on me all at once. It makes me unmotivated to do any of them except the ones that don't involve my brain, like mailing out brochures. I saw this survey on my blogfriend Christine's page and thought it looked like fun. It's not, it's stupid. But since I filled it out, you can read it.

130 Things People Want To Know About You
.: The Basics :.
Name?:Sarah aka MainlineMom
Age?:29 forevah
Gender?:all woman
Location?:Philly 'Burbs
Hair color?:brunette
Eye color?:blue
shoe size?:7
interests::shopping, music, family, TV, movies
.: Favourites :.
food:PF Chang's chicken lettuce wraps
music style:all of the above
music artist/band:Foo Fighters
tv show:Grey's Anatomy and Biggest Loser
movie:Legally Blonde and Schindler's List
thing to do:shop
ice cream:peppermint stick
song:Just Like Heaven
book:A Million Little Pieces - James Frey
computer game:Karaoke Revolution! PS2
board game:Payday
dessert:all of them
quote:I dunno
.: Friendship :.:
who's your best friend?:Michael
other close buddies...?:Ab, Lex, Kate, Liz, Kristy, Chris, Vic
last friend you hung out with:Kristy
last friend you hugged:Ab
last friend you saw a movie with:Dawn
last friend's house you went to:Ab
any friends you cant stand?:Laurie
any friends you've regretted becoming friends with?:Nah
if so, who?:
do you have a lot of friends of the opposite sex?:some
most annoying friend?:Laurie
most preppy friend?:Chris
darkest friend?:Ab
hyper-est friend?:Dawn
nicest friend?:Kate
funniest friend?:Kristy
meanest friend?:I wouldn't have a mean friend
most outgoing friend?:Dawn
shyest friend?:Lex
hottest friend?:this survey is gonna get me in trouble
friend with the best personality?:tough choice
friend with the best music taste?:Kristy
friend who sings the best?:moi
friend who laughs the most?:Liz
friend you enjoy being around the most?:all of 'em
friend who your parents love?:Kate
friend who your parents hate?:none
friend your parents don't know about?:Jerry or Kevin
.: Romance :.
got a crush/boyfriend?:I'm Married
if so, what gender?:duh
how far have you gone?:I'm Married
with who?:
the last person you kissed::baby Nate
the last person you hugged::baby Nate
the last person you wanted to kiss::Nate
how far you do want to go (at this point in life)?:this is a stupid question
hottest friend?:didn't they already ask this?
hottest celebrity?:Dave Grohl
if you could date any famous person, who would it be?:see above
dream date::dinner and show in NYC
dream honeymoon::the one I had in the Bahamas
age you want to get married (if not already):been there done that
number of kids you want to have (if not already):2.5
would you rather your boyfriend/girlfriend be gay or bi?:neither
.: This or That :.
Kerry or Bush:Bush
rap or rock:rock
pop or country:country
movie or tv show:movie
girl or guy:guy
fire or water:water
death or life:life abundantly
cheerleader or punk:totally punk
prep or jock:prep
kroger or publix:Giant
walmart or target:Target
avril or jay-z:Jay-Z
pink or black:pink
cheez it or cheese nip:cheese nip
cat or dog:dog
tape or glue:tape
msn or aim:msn
mall or movies:mall
writing or typing:typing
phone or computer:phone
baseball or football:football
p.e. or health:health
high school or middle school:high school
dunkin donuts or starbucks:starbucks
amc or united artists:UA
walgreens or CVS:CVS
brownies or cookies:brownies
reading or writing:reading
surveys or polls:surveys
livejournal or xanga:blogspot
Yellowcard or Ashlee Simpson:Yellowcard!
AFI or Jojo:AFI
Green Day or Beastie Boys:Green Day
kill or be killed:be killed
eat or be eaten:BE EATEN! hehe
hate or be hated:hate
ocean or pool:pool
singing or dancing:singing
heart or peace sign:heart
halloween or christmas:christmas
question or answer:answer
fear factor or the o.c.:neither...ick
the simpsons or who's line is it anyway?:Simpsons
Disney or The N:how old am I?
pancakes or waffles:pancakes
strawberrys or blueberrys:strawberries
yogurt or frozen yogurt:froyo
kiss or hug:kiss
guitar or drums:BOTH
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You've been totally Bzoink*d


Spikey1 said...

Do you people work?? ;)

Lori said...

Mmmmm....Dave Grohl.....yummy.

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