Baby Yoga

Down Dog
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This is Nate's modification of the Downward Facing Dog pose. He is especially fond of this pose.

Last night in between screaming bloody murder because his back molars are coming in, Nathan started free-standing. He would cruise a few laps around the coffee table, then gently push off and stand for a couple seconds before slowly bending down to sitting. We cheered and applauded so he kept trying it over and over.

The poor dude's teeth must be killing him because he awoke several times in the night screaming like a banshee. Most unusual for him. A hug, a little Orajel, and a teething ring and he would go back to sleep for awhile.

Check out all the new cute Nathan pics on Flickr.


Suzanne said...

What a cutie pie!

Neel Mehta said...

Well done, Nathan. With the right agent, you could get some serious press.

Mainline Mom said...

Nathan has an agent, but it obviously the WRONG agent, seeing as he hasn't gotten any work yet.

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