Top 10 Things Nate Does To Charm/Exasperate Me

1. Cuddles in my lap to watch TV when he's tired or sick.
2. Says "balloon" so well that the HDL understood it and relayed it to me.
3. Reaches into the kitchen trash can and pulls out a used coffee filter full of grinds.
4. Poops five times a day.
5. Rides his motorized four-wheeler in tiny lurches and grins the whole way across the room.
6. Opens the tupperware cabinet and scatters bowls and lids all over the house.
7. Tries to climb the stairs repeatedly, despite falling and landing headfirst.
8. Soaks the entire bathroom by kicking ferociously in the tub.
9. Pushes the button to close the garage door and follows it up with a High-5.
10. Says "Uh-Oh" over and over and over and over...


The Attractive Nuisance said...

My Agida has that same exasperating charm, but he doesn't like to cuddle in my lap while we watch TV. Unfortunately.

Spikey1 said...

Wait, I can give you a list of 100!

Mainline Mom said...

Wait, you can tell me 100 things Nate does to charm and exasperate me? You must be psychic.

Courtney said...

The tupperware cabinet is my son's most recent discovery. Keeps him occupied while I cook, but man, he can spread those things far and wide! I found one in my bathroom yesterday. (This from a kid who doesn't walk yet...)

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