Summer's Last Gasp

This week was our first taste of a fall chill in the air but today warmed up to a perfect 75 or so degrees, with crystal blue sky. This morning I had my killer cardio class with the same torturer lady instructor as last week. Tawny the fitness queen. She made us to step aerobics, jumping jacks, running laps, lifting dumbells, and situps for 65 minutes non-stop. Ugh. I learned that I hate step. Any fantasies I had of taking a step class are GONE. I am not coordinated enough. Floor aerobics I can handle. Step involves too much focus to avoid tripping and falling flat on my face.

After lunch I took the opportunity to leave Nate watching football with his dad so I could go to the big mall to go dress shopping for my cousin's wedding in two weeks. I have been looking for the perfect dress for several weeks but haven't found anything and it's tough being very serious and trying on lots of things with a baby in tow. I NEED a new dress because of the new body I have sculpted and am continuing to tone.

It was hard work, fighting the crowds of teenagers on a quest for the perfect homecoming gown. I was on a budget, hoping to spend less than $150. But I wanted THE perfect dress. Sexy, classic, adult but fresh. I bought one in JC Penney's that was so-so. It had some deoderant marks on it so I got them to take a little extra off, making it only $50. But it wasn't THE dress. Finally I found it, buried on the chaotic sale rack at Lord & Taylor's. I can't find it online so you'll have to wait till I post a picture from the wedding. It's black crepe with an empire waist and falls mid-calf with speghetti straps hidden under a black lace neckline and back. Of course then I had to go get a black strapless bra!

So in a very triumphant mood I headed home on possibly the last day of weather reminiscent of summer. I opened up the sunroof and windows, blared my latest alternative mix, and opened it up on the highway. That means about 80 in a 55 down the straight shot past Valley Forge, praying a cop doesn't nab me. As I approached my exit I did see a cop, but he had thankfully already nabbed somebody else. A perfect end to a perfect Saturday.


Spikey1 said...

Let me know when you want to go for a run!

The Attractive Nuisance said...

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no matter how many undergarments of various types you own, the purchase of new formal wear will somehow require new undergarments.

Alisa said...

oh my! Glad you find the best dress. Attractive Nuisance is right... no matter what you currently own, when you find "THE" dress you undoubtedly need an assortment of other items to go with it just right, including the undergarments.

Can't wait to see the pics!

MMC said...

So very jealous of your weather...at least for now! Congrats on THE dress.

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