Music City Here I Come

On Friday my little family flew to Nashville to attend the wedding of my cousin Dan, the stud. Nathan slept for part of the trip, was entertained for part of the trip, and screamed for part of the trip. Fortunately our hotel room was a nice little suite with a kitchenette so after having lunch with my mom and her husband we made a Target run for milk and diapers. We were given strict orders by the bride not to bring babies to the wedding so we had hired a sitter to come to the hotel for both the rehersal dinner and the wedding. It turned out that there were tons of children and babies there on her side of family, which annoyed me, but we I'm sure we had a much better time without him along anyway. It's just that this whole endeavor, including the sitter, wasn't cheap.

Anyway the rehersal dinner was at Bound'ry, supposedly THE place to be in Nashville on a Friday night, further evidenced by the Ferraris and other expensive vehicles parked out front. At the rehersal we learned that the bride likes to talk A LOT and that her little sister was runner up to Miss Alabama this year and one of her bridesmaids was runner up for Miss USA 2003. Yeah, a bunch of beauty queens running around. One of the girls commented that the groom looked like an Abercrombie and Fitch model, which I never really thought about until now. I just know him as my goofy, sweet, smart cousin Dan. Judge for yourself.

I spent Saturday afternoon cruising around the Opryland Hotel with my aunts and uncles while Mike watched football back in the room with the kiddo. Then we went to the wedding, which was very nice and I got the best seat for picture taking. Here's the happy couple.

Then all 200 or so people drove way out to the hills outside Nashville for the wedding reception at Fontanel, Barbara Mandrell's former estate, the biggest log home in the world. It's now owned by some record company execs who apparently must represent Gretchen Wilson because there were pictures and guitars of hers and a few other artists around the house. I read that Kid Rock once rented it out, and that the video for Redneck Woman was shot there. The directions SUCKED so we drove right by the gates twice before we followed some other cars in, and we had to park in a lot down near the road and take a shuttle up the LONG driveway. It was dark so we couldn't get a good view of the outside of the house. Here's one shot of the outside.

You can see through the windows the gigantic "living room" where the band and some tables were. The cake was set up in front of the fireplace in there and there was a bar tucked in the back with lavish his and hers bathrooms adjacent. Here's a picture of the back half of that room, taken from the second story balcony over the fireplace.

The food was served buffet style in the dining room and there were tables set up around the indoor pool and out on the back porch as well. Apparently southern weddings are not formal sit-down dinner style like northern weddings are, so there were no assigned seats and consequently not enough tables for everyone to sit and eat at all at once. Mike and I ate our delicious food standing up at a bistro table in the dark backyard, eating by candlight and freezing. Good thing I had a sweater with me. My mom and aunts and uncles sat on the hot tub and ate off their laps. That part wasn't very cool. But there were bars scattered all around the house and even a game room with pizza and babysitters for the kids. Here's one picture of the pool room. It was impressive.

Last but not least, I'll show you the dress I was so excited about finding. I got lots of compliments on it, and on my curly updo which is hard to see in this picture. My only regret was that I didn't pack my very high heels that went with the dress better.

On a side note, I got to visit my very best friend who just started school at Vanderbilt this year. I got to see her teensy weensy apartment and meet her new boyfriend. To see her and talk to her you would have no idea she's almost 30, she still acts like a college freshman. Ok, maybe a junior. Definately not a senior. She and I walked all over campus and visited the bookstore and chatted over coffee, just like when I was an undergrad. It was a gorgeous day and it was nice to remember what college was like. But I don't miss it!

P.S. Nathan was an angel on the flight home and slept the entire way.


Alisa said...

That dress is absolutely gorgeous! And it sounds like visiting with your best friend was a good stress relief from the hecting wedding schedule!

Spikey1 said...

Looks like fun! Great pics too!

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