Leaving On a Jet Plane

Friday morning, around 5 am, Mike and I will yank the kiddo out of bed and head for the airport. We will park in a remote lot, struggle through security, board a plane bound for Pittsburgh, wait some more in the 'burgh, and finally fly to the home of country music, Nashville. My cousin is getting married on Saturday. We hired a babysitter to watch Nathan in our hotel room during the rehersal dinner and the entire wedding/reception. This will be an interesting endeavor all around. Nathan doesn't have his own seat, so he will have to sit on our laps on the small commuter jet the whole way. Which sounds like torture for everyone involved.

Which leads me to my big question for those of you who have traveled with kids before. What to pack? What to expect? I figure we will buy milk and some diapers when we get there. He is mostly eating big people food now, namely an abundance of chicken nuggets and french fries. I'll pack some crackers and juice and a couple bottles. I don't know about toys...he'll need some but I don't want to bring stuff that will get lost or take up a lot of room. So any advice would be very helpful!


Amy said...

How was your trip! Sorry I couldn't comment when you actually wrote this! I would have told you to have fun, bring one or two toys and bonne chance on the plane!

blogawakening said...

We have flown three times with Ethan, once around Nathan's age. Just bring the food he likes and a couple of small, I repeat small, toys. Ethan did great on the plane every time. Everything is fine as long as you have people around you that don't care if he is making noise, and they usually don't. Have a stroller that can carry some of your other stuff as well, not just the tiny umbrella stroller. That way he can lay down too if you're waiting.

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