I'm tired

Very tired. I kept trying to think of something inspired to write, but nothing came. I don't have time to read the news, looking for something provocative to write about. And Hubs took the digital camera on his trip so I don't even have any new cute pictures to post. I've been working like crazy and Nathan has not been helpful at all. Again today he didn't nap this morning at the HDL's house and I put him down for a nap right after lunch. Again he slept only 45 minutes, and now I'm listening to him fuss, praying he'll go back to sleep but knowing he won't. And he won't later either. It's not fair, I want my naps back. He was so tired last night he fell apart around 6 and my mom put him to bed an hour early while I went to the gym to try to ease my tension. I know in my heart I should be virtually fasting for the next three weeks until my big wastewater conference in D.C. so I look super great, but I'm comfort eating instead. I gave into my exhausted yearning for my biggest weakness this morning, McDonald's breakfast. I haven't had it in months. And I miss this guy:

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