Dream a Little Dream

Last night I had the most bizarre and elaborate dream. I dreamt that I was watching Oprah and she announced that she was having another one of her contests where someone gets to have their bedroom madeover by her cutiepie designer Nate Berkus. I called in and somehow won this contest. I think the deal was I had to pay for everything and we only had three days to get it done, and I had to provide lots of help from me and my friends. So Nate starts painting one wall and he draws some kind of mural with horses and ocean and paints about half of it. A handful of my friends show up and help paint and I buy one really expensive sofa at the suggestion of Nate. Apparently some of my "helpful" friends are flaming gay, and they get into some kind of spat with cutie Nate. He up and quits right in the middle and goes home, leaving me with an almost empty bedroom that is half painted.

All of the sudden a ton more of my friends show up to help when they hear what happened. We're talking random people here, ex-boyfriends, college roomates, etc. But without the help of uber designer Nate, we end up creating the tackiest bedroom on the planet, buying all kinds of kitchy junk. We're talking knick-knacks galore and rainbow colors. When we're supposed to be done a camera crew shows up with one of Oprah's production assistants to check things out. I start explaining how frustrated I am that Nate quit and I had to buy this stupid sofa and can't they do something about it? She freaks out when she's sees the room, says it's all my fault Nate left and hell no, they won't do anything or ever show my room on TV.

So that's about where I woke up. Weird, eh?

I really loved when Nate Berkus and Ty Pennington appeared on the same episode of Oprah together. My two favorite TV fix-it hunks.


Bill said...

And how often do you have these kinds of dreams??

Mainline Mom said...

Bizarro dreams? All the time. I happened to have watched Oprah the day before I guess and her staff was all discussing the book they were reading at the moment, including Nate Berkus. I was reminded of how cute he is. Why I needed my room made over is beyond me.

Spikey1 said...

Who is Oprah?

Anonymous said...

I must have had your blog in my mind because last night, I dreamt that Oprah had married me. It was soooo weird. Keep in mind, since I work, I hadn't seen Oprah is a gazillion years. Strange.

Mainline Mom said...

Hey Anonymous, that's pretty funny, dreams are contagious. Are you somebody I know or just a random visitor?

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