Stuff Portrait Friday

Since I am loving photography these days and I love photoblogging, I have decided to join in on the fun of Kristine's Stuff Portrait Fridays. Additionally my sister is giving a speech about my blog today at her Toastmaster's lunch, so I thought it appropriate to introduce her to yet another phenomenon of the blogosphere.

Today's topics: 1. Favorite framed picture 2. Magazine subscriptions 3. Household Pet Peeve

1. I had to pick two favorite framed pictures. The first is a watercolor of the admin building of the private high school I attended. The artist is really good and famous in our area and we knew his family well from school. I have several others of his paintings in my house but this one is my fav for sentimental reasons.
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The second is, of course, our most recent family portrait. Not the most flattering pic of me in a bulky sweater but very nice overall. Time for a new one soon I think.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

2. I confess, I am a recovering magazine addict. I used to fly approximately twice every week and I bought every magazine on the stand, every month. Now I turn airline miles into subscriptions, because that's all they're good for, so I get alot of magazines.
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3. I don't have a ton of household pet peeves because I live in a brand new house, but this one was a biggie until last weekend when we started organizing. I know basements are supposed to be for storage, but I'm a very organized person and the fact that you can look into a room like this from the street is embarressing to me. This room has the makings of a future wonderful play room.
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ieatcrayonz said...

Excellent! Well, you definitely have me beat on the family photo. I'm probably the only mom who hasn't taken her under 1 child for professional photos or family photos.

I think I have airline miles, but I'm not sure. I always kind of treated them like raffle tickets where you have to be present to win. You get them and forget about it.

That would make a HUGELY fantastic playroom. You'll have to blog that experience if you decide to do it.

Cindy said...

What a great family portrait...

Random and Odd said...

Your room is HUGE!!

I'm really glad you played...we do it every Friday, rain or shine!!

Hi Sister and Luncheon friends!!

MrsDoF said...

Great family portrait, and there definitely should come a time when that nice room becomes a playroom.

I have a friend who is big into Toastmasters and doing speeches. To think it is for fun and not college credit or other hazardous duty possibilities.

MMC said...

I'm jealous of your great would-be-playroom. Most of our mags come from airline miles, as well. I didn't pay that close attn when piling them out and only realized the Maxim was featured on top AFTER posting. I, too, have some fam which could be offended, but the ones who would be most incensed (?) probably wouldn't know what it was, and don't make my blog a reg destination yet. The portrait's great....The only one we seem to be able to manage is for the Christmas card....

ZuphChic said...

I love photoblogging too...

Mainline Mom said...

ieatcrayonz: Every year or so I have to call all the airlines to get my frequent flyer number and passwords and get my balance.

I will totally blog about our finishing off the basement when we get to it. Saving up the money now. That was one of the big draws to buying the house. Our old house had a big finished basement too so we have a pool table, which is currently in boxes :(

mrsdof: My sister joined Toastmasters to practice for her job, where she is a very public figure and gives lots of speeches. I think it would be fun too, I learned to love giving speeches at my old job.

J Bo said...

That room is huuuggee!!! Wow! Have fun organizing it. :)

Hey, thank you for stopping by my blog today! I have a great vegan recipe from my vegan friend (the one who sent the e-mail I posted). It's called Caribbean Surprise. The surprise is that it tastes so good! Let me know if you want it!

Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

nice blog
nice flag dealy
i love america

Mainline Mom said...

J Bo - sounds like an excellent vegan dish, I would like the recipe!

Anonymous said...

I was a fortunate member of the club where your sister gave her speech on Monday. It was very funny and also very heartwarming. I hope she sends you a copy to read. (One sign of a good speech is that is prompts the listeners to action. I have never visited a blogging site before this!)

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