Reminder: Watch Prof Andy Tonight

For those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile, you may remember this post about my friend, Andy the Professor, who is on TBS's The Real Gilligan's Island. Well several of you commented on him and I am just offering a friendly reminder that the first episode of the show airs tonight on TBS. Check your local listings!


ieatcrayonz said...

Oh man! I totally missed it and I wanted to see Mr. Hotness personified. I didn't turn the TV on all night. I was so proud. Dagnabbit!

Mainline Mom said...

He was pretty cute but also pretty much a geek. He didn't say all that much, except during the confession shots, so he didn't get that much screen time. From the previews it looks to me like he loses his head-to-head competition with TiyE. Mary Ann Mandy was all over him and he pretty much just let her cuddle without really cuddling back.

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