The Nutty Professor Got Me Thinking

So Professor Andy got banished from the Island tonight, and although it's too bad I don't get to watch him anymore, it's a good thing I don't feel the need to watch every minute of that stupid show anymore. Like a good, professional engineer that I am, I will refrain from commenting on the relationship between he and MaryAnn Mandy, or my colleague's...umm...appeal in general. You girls can take care of that for me in my comments. For probably the last time, here's another reminder for you that I found on the internet.

So I knew that Andy wrote on his webpage that he justified this little adventure by hoping to promote environmental advocacy through reality TV. Naturally that got edited out in favor of sexual tension. So he tried to get his message out through an op-ed he wrote about global warming here and here, and by posting on the fan forum for the show. I was SHOCKED to see that his post on the usually gossipy fan forum elicited an actual intelligent debate on the subject! I am VERY impressed by this, and think it is an honorable thing to do, even if he is a bleeding heart liberal. Passion, when properly directed and put forth humbly, is very attractive. His articles and ensuing discussion got me to realize that I really don't know enough about global warming to speak about it at all. In the past I have always taken the party line, that the proof isn't there and we shouldn't be making policy decisions that would cost us billions on something unproven. But his analogy to the Iraq war is accurate, even if it is slanted against W. We did act on a hunch, on something unproven. Andy's point about risk management is right on. He struck at the heart of the capitalist in me when he wrote that. Frankly, I have been forced to think a lot about risk this past year, and I have realized I am pretty risk averse. The bottom line is I should do more research before I go off playing the skeptic on this one. Once upon a time I was an idealist, a true environmentalist. I believed God commanded us to be good stewards of the Earth he gave us, and I still believe that. But I went to work for an oil company and learned about making money and the tree-hugger in me disappeared. Here's a silly fact, my eight grade class voted me most likely to camp out in the Amazon rainforest. They obviously didn't know what a princess I am. My job has taught me that water is a precious commodity that must be protected. Now I need to at least study the global warming thing. In my spare time of course :)

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