Models R' Us: Part Deux

The verdict is in...the talent agency has deemed Nathan star material! Out of the zillion kids they saw yesterday they chose a few and he is one of them. Now I have to bring him in for the professional head shot if I want to continue. I asked how frequently we would go on auditions and they said it depends, of course, but it wouldn't be an every week thing. I asked where I would have to go and they confirmed my suspicions that most things are setup in downtown Philly, but they said a lot of times instead of dragging the kid downtown for a half hour audition they will just videotape the kid in the agency's office and send it in. That sounds pretty good to me, considering their office only 15 minutes away. So now we have to decide if it's worth the $200 and the hassle. I have to decide if I can do this and not let it interfere with my part-time job. I think I can, especially because my hours are super flexible. I will still be available via cellphone and I can get work done in the evenings on days when I will be out. Until today I would have blown it off because we didn't have $200 to spend on something like this...but (drumroll please) I got paid today!!!!! My first paycheck and I suddenly feel rich again. When you live for a year on one income you get used to living on a tight budget and don't miss it so much. I told myself it was just a little extra pocket money for fun stuff, but now seeing it I realize I had forgotten how much it means to us. Even part time it's a 40% increase over our current income. Anyway, I'm thrilled both about getting paid and about having my suspicions of Nathan's cuteness validated. As usual, I'll keep you posted.


Alisa said...

Way to go Nathan!

Amy said...

Gotta love the cuteness validation from a modeling agency~! Even if you don't pursue it, you still have bragging rights!

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