A Little Bubbly

Being the end of a particularly nice week, hubby and I decided to open a bottle of champagne that has been sitting in my fridge for at least four years. We had a delicious gormet dinner to go with it consisting of grilled T-bone for him, grilled salmon for me, and fabulously grilled new potatoes and baby carrots. We meant to open the bottle when Nate was born, but never got to it with all the chaos and I was too depressed and tired to celebrate for a few weeks. As I sipped the most delicious champagne I may have ever tasted, I remembered that the bottle was purchase for me by my late uncle in Santa Rosa, CA at the Korbel winery. He took me there when I visited him and his new wife while on a business trip to the area several years ago. We taste tested various champagnes and I told him the Natural was by far the best. The woman explained that it was a favorite of Jackie Kennedy and has been served at all of the presidential inauguration dinners since her time in the White House. It was a happy memory of my uncle and his lovely wife in beautiful wine country. We tasted lots of wine, visited some sea lions, hiked through the Redwoods, and watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in their tiny home. Like my own father, he was taken suddenly at a very young age a few years ago from heart disease, leaving his parents devestated as they were still raw from losing my dad a few years before. He was a cool guy, although not very wise or responsible. He discovered I liked jazz and sent me a boxed set of John Coltrane one Christmas. I said I liked a Lucinda Williams song and he sent me every new CD she put out...once even in July with a Happy Birthday card...my birthday is in November. We had a good laugh over it. We played some really fun bad golf on highly rated resort courses in Canada. He was a great uncle for a teenager and twentysomething, especially after he divorced his first wife. I miss him, and the bubbly disappeared much too quickly, just like him.


ieatcrayonz said...

Aw, that was such a great story about your uncle. If only we could bottle up our memories and uncork them every once in awhile.

Mainline Mom said...

Yeah, I have to admit though, I think I have been unconciously avoiding memories of my dad. I'm not sure why exactly, but I don't think about him much. He was a great guy, my best friend at times, so I feel guilty like I've almost purposely forgotten him.

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