How Can You Possibly Resist This Face?

Well Nathan had his first photo shoot as a baby model today. Actually it was just for his promotional headshot, taken in the agency's office. All the other babies that were picked showed up around the same time, so I got to see how cute they were. Naturally I think my kid is the cutest, but there were some other cuties too. We waited forever and he was his usual mellow self. The photographer asked me to hold him on my lap for the photo and give him a toy, so I pulled out our Baby Einstein monkey puppet that sings which usually makes Nathan smile. Of course he was too interested in watching the photographer to smile. So then the guy pulled out this big multi-colored feather duster and tickled Nate's leg with it, which promptly elicted hysterical laughter from the child. He showed me one pick on the display of his camera and it was adorable. I have to go back in two weeks to pick my favorite shot. I can just smell the fame and fortune now! Just kidding, of course.


Mike said...

Once again holding the infamous octopus I see.

ieatcrayonz said...

All right! Such a card for the camera. That's great!

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