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It has been very hot and humid here in Philly the past week, so I have been putting Nathan to bed in just onesies because even though we have AC his room is always warmer than the rest of the house. Mike finally went down to the basement and adjusted some vents and now it's better. We hauled our butts outta bed early to get to an 8:30 am service at a church we wanted to try out, and Nathan was a perfect angel in the nursery. The funny thing was when we walked into the church we were greeted by two women I had as teachers in middle school and they didn't even show a glimpse of recognition. I didn't bother clarifying who I was to them. This particular church is huge and heavily attended by families that send their kids to the same Christian school I grew up in. In fact, my high school graduation took place in the sanctuary there before my school built an auditorium. I saw my ex-boyfriend's mom and a guy from my graduating class. We enjoyed the service, but we were a bit surrounded by blue-hairs, the only nuts like us who get up and out that early.


ab said...

what teachers? tell me, tell me!

Mainline Mom said...

Chris White and Gwen Johnson. Both still single. They've gotta be over 50 and never married. I had Miss White for Bible and Social Studies and Miss Johnson for gym and field hockey.

blogawakening said...

What type of church is it? Have you tried any others in the area? The early service is always best for the lillte ones not to act up in. We have a 9:15 and an 11:15 service, and Ethan is like night and day between the two. Mike is probably the same way if you mess with his nappy time.

Mainline Mom said...

It's a non-denominational church and I think he'd be fine in the nursery no matter what time we went. We've tried a whole bunch of churches of various types and haven't been satisfied with any of them.

Redhead Mommy said...

I totally feel your pain with church hunting. We went nearly a year and a half before finally finding a church that we feel right in. To top it off, when we moved, we left our "perfect" church, so it was really hard to find another.

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