Critic's Corner: National Treasure

Some of you may know that I am a total movie buff. A bit of a TV junkie sometimes too, but not always. Anywho I got a couple free rental coupons (thanks Mom!) and decided to rent the one movie Mike has wanted to see for awhile, National Treasure. This action adventure stars Nicholas Cage, a favorite of mine, and is set partially in Philadelphia, my beloved home town. Nick plays Benjamin Franklin Gates, a very fitting name for a history buff/treasure hunter. His family believes that one of their ancestors was given a secret clue which would lead to a vast treasure that was hidden by the founding fathers belonging to the secret society of the Masons to keep the British from finding it during the American Revolution. Ben believes there is a map to the treasure hidden on the back of the Declaration of Independence, so he steals it from the National Archives and runs around on this treasure hunt while the FBI is chasing him.

I LOVED it! Interesting plot, especially throwing in the whole Masons thing, which makes it more believable to me given their secrecy. I have quite a few friends who belong to the Masons and have always wondered about them. I loved the whole respect for our nation's history thing that was pervasive in the movie. Seems a bit unusual for something coming out of liberal Hollywood. I thought Nick Cage did his usual great job and I liked his younger sidekick. The female lead, not so much. Anyway, go rent this movie. I don't recall any cursing, or vulgarity, or gratutious violence. No sex at all. Just a fun adventure. Great family flick.

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