Hangin' Out
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What a week! I don't like to blog about my work but suffice it to say that my part-time job has been almost full time this week. My life, especially my career, has felt like a soap opera or a roller coaster over the past year. This college kid I just got done training as a summer intern thinks the real business world is crazy like this, when really it usually isn't. He works with Prof Andy so seeing your Prof on TV isn't exactly normal either. I feel bad for the Natester this week because I have been almost totally ignoring him while I work, writing frenzied emails and trying to mask the sounds of baby toys while on the phone with clients. He doesn't seem to mind too much, as he rolls all around the room exploring corners he hasn't been in yet. The timing may be good or bad, but we are headed to the beach tomorrow night for a long weekend. (YAY!!!!) I can't wait to lay on my towel, catch some rays, and watch my kiddo eat sand. I'm sure there will be great pictures to follow.

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ieatcrayonz said...

Yea! Sand! Mmmmm!

Can I come? I'm a little tired, too.

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