Miracles do happen

The 9 lb. alien that kicked the crap out of my womb for several months and refused to enter the world until the doctor forced him out has finally turned into a managable human being. Well, close anyway. I doubted if I would survive life with child for the first several weeks. I felt so guilty for wanting to give him back. After a month I thought I had figured him out and he would find some new way to make me insane. Then I'd adapt and mold him back to my way of doing things for a few days and suddenly he'd rebel again. Now he's finally putting himself to sleep, sleeping all night long, napping regularly, and playing for up to three hours happily without freaking out. Plus he eats colorful food!! Unfortunately he learned to eat baby food very quickly and now he has suddenly stopped pooping. He hasn't pooped in three days. Poor kid! He sits for a couple minutes by himself before falling over, he grabs toys and brings them to his mouth, he has discovered the joy of dropping everything off his high chair, and he jumps like a maniac in his Jumperoo. No one else may care about any of this but since I don't track these things in a baby book perhaps I will look back to my blog later and remember when he did what. Blogs are cool like that.


Mike said...

My wife is obsessed with our child. She believes his behavior is a mathematical equation she can manipulate and solve. I always tell her you can't predict what he is going to do. He wakes up because he isn't tired anymore. He won't eat carrots because he doesn't like the taste. But I think together we make a good balance.

yochanan said...

babies are cute but remember they allmost all be come human teenagers and no one wants them.

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